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Java Developer’s Day 2009 in Krakow

During last weekend I had the possibility to attend the Java Developer’s Day 2009 in Krakow (link) . It was the third time that I took part in this conference (also in 2006, 2007). It was a great event with a keynote speech performed by Mark Richards – one of my idols! Not only is Mark a great speaker, but also a well-educated and experienced computer scientist, thus it was a real pleasure to attend his sessions. Generally, I attended the following ones:

  • “Pimp up your domain model with jBPM” (Tom Baeyens and Joram Barrez)
    The session was really good, however Tom and Joram have only presented the overview of features encompassed by jBPM so it wasn’t anything that could attract me. I’ve been using jBPM for almost one year right now so I would rather be interested in sophisticated usage scenarios. However, I admire Tom and Joram for the last example which outlined how to set up the whole jBPM environment in 60 seconds – it was really a great show!
  • “The Art of Messaging” (keynote, Mark Richards)
    What a session it was! Mark presented a large part of knowledge regarding messaging and JMS in particular. I especially liked the results of the benchmarks performed in different messaging scenarios. The jokes were also great. I hope to see Mark back in Poland soon…
  • “Exception Handling in the Systems Built with JEE” (Tomasz Skutnik)
    Session was really interesting, however the speaker delivered some controversial statements regarding checked exceptions with which I could not agree. Tomasz also encouraged us to implement proprietary code for proper resource management. It is really concerning since these features are already implemented in frameworks such as Spring – so I encourage him to get acquainted with that…
  • “Asynchronous, Concurrent and Distributed Processing in Java EE…” (Waldemar Kot)
    The session was good. Earlier, I have never heard about the CommonJ Work Manager API – the “de facto” standard of manual thread management in JEE. One thing that annoyed me a little bit was fact that Waldi kept his hands in pockets almost all the time during the speech – in my opinion it was inappropriate. However, from the technical point of view the session was cool.
  • “Effective Code Review for Agile Java Developers” (Wojciech Seliga)
    Great presentation of the Atlassian and JetBrains products performed by a guy who was experienced in TDD and Agile. Code reviews and pair-programming were the focal points of this talk. It is really sad that I can’t see a way to use these methodologies in my company in the forthcoming decade…
  • “Common Anti-patterns and Ways to Avoid Them (Mark Richards)”
    Interesting session during which Mark presented some most popular anti-patterns. Excellent speech!
  • “The Architecture of Applications Based on DDD that use Seam and Flex” (Slawomir Sobotka)
    I had been checking my emails during this session, so I can say nothing about it… I was also pretty tired at that time.
  • “Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA) and REST” (Scott Davis)
    Scott is a real Groovy&Grails enthusiast and it was noticeable from the very first seconds of his talk. Groovy examples were great – especially that one regarding REST service invocation implemented in one line. From the technical point of view this session was quite poor, as Scott presented a lot of evangelism. However, considering the fact that it was the last session, it was a great finish of the conference. I wasn’t disappointed…

To sum up. JDD09 was a great event! After the conference I had the possibility to meet my friends from studies – with whom I (after)partied in Jazz Rock! See you all next year!


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