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Hackergarten coding session at centeractive!

I am pleased to invite you to the first Hackergarten session that will be held at centeractive (Worbstrasse 170, Guemligen) on Friday - 23rd of November! Hackergarten is a craftmen's workshop, classroom, a laboratory, a social circle, a writing … [Continue reading]

Getting version of the Maven project in a freestyle Jenkins build

Today, I have had to extract the version of a Maven project that is built as a part of a freestyle Jenkins build. There are some stackoverflow posts describing how to do it, but the implicit prerequisite is that the build is a native Maven build - … [Continue reading]

“ESB Monitoring Framework for SOA Systems” published in IEEE TSC

I am really happy to announce that an article that I have co-authored titled "Enterprise Service Bus Monitoring Framework for SOA Systems" was published in the IEEE Transactions on Service Computing Magazine. Have a look at the abstract: The paper … [Continue reading]

Minimize the response time of your blog to less than a second!


Speaking about blogs. I have noticed recently that there is one thing that I like more than blogging... it's configuring and tweaking my blog. And what I mean here is not playing with themes, images, fonts or styles. Don't get me wrong, I wanted my … [Continue reading]

UberConf – be ready to have your mind blown!

I hate blogging about conferences. I find it dull, unentertaining and worthless. Yet another blog entry about a few sessions that the person attended and some comments whether it was good or bad. I did it once following the "common" pattern and I … [Continue reading]