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“ESB Monitoring Framework for SOA Systems” published in IEEE TSC

I am really happy to announce that an article that I have co-authored titled “Enterprise Service Bus Monitoring Framework for SOA Systems” was published in the IEEE Transactions on Service Computing Magazine. Have a look at the abstract:

The paper presents a Monitoring Framework for the integration layer of SOA systems realized by an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It introduces a generic ESB Metamodel (EMM) and defines mechanisms which gather monitoring data related to the model entities. Applicability of the model is verified on the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification – available standardization of an ESB. An analysis of the JBI specification from the Metamodel perspective is presented, resulting in identification of JBI monitoring deficiencies. Then, the paper illustrates a realization of mechanisms ameliorating JBI deficiencies. The paper also defines the notion of a Monitoring Goal Metamodel which lays a foundation for a fully-featured and technologyagnostic monitoring framework established on the EMM. The Monitoring Goal Metamodel allows a declarative definition of how the framework should react to anomalies by performing drill-down monitoring to diagnose the root cause of the problems. Evaluation of the prototype implementation of the ESB Monitoring Framework that verifies its correctness and fulfillment of the non-functional requirements is presented. Related work and some important relevant projects and technologies are also briefly described. Finally, the paper is summarized with conclusions and a vision of the proposed framework usage and extensions.

Here’s the link: IEEE Magazine. Let me know if you would like to get a copy.