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Just another “Hack Weekend”

And they say that Software Engineering is boring… It doesn’t get more wrong than that! At least it’s like this with me… but I know a couple of other freaks (Hackergarten Basel team) that hack on a lot of interesting stuff whenever they can :) Here’s the proof:

After the last weekend of hacking when I worked on my own open source projects, mainly on the p2-maven-plugin, this weekend I decided to contribute to the Grails Framework. I have done a couple of project using Grails, but I haven’t seen the latest releases, so it was a chance to get the gist of what has changed. And I wasn’t disappointed! The framework really rocks!

So, I have worked on 5 tickets assigned to the next release (2.3.5) – along the way I have submitted 3 pull requests. Hopefully. I have solved all of the problems. In some cases the users tried to use the mechanisms in a wrong way -> maybe doc should be supplemented? Anyway, here’s the list to the issues, in case you are interested.

Now, it’s time to get some sleep! Eventually! It’s 3.32 am :)