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Spring integration in jBPM 4

When I was supposed to use the fourth version of jBPM for the first time I couldn’t find a sufficient documentation concerning the integration with Spring. I have also seen that there are many questions regarding that issue on forums or discussion lists. Despite the fact that there are some entries on Andries Inzé Blog or in jBPM official documentation which actually outline that problem I felt a lack of a sample project archetype. Something that I could download, build and take the first shot right away!

After few months I found some time to make this dream come true :) as I have created a sample Spring+jBPM+Maven2 project. All details of the integration are described in my developers notebook under the entry: Spring integration in jBPM 4. The article briefly shows how to set up:

  • Maven Project Configuration [pom.xml]
  • Logging configuration [log4j.xml]
  • jBPM Configuration [jbpm.cfg.xml]
  • and Spring Configuration [applicationContext.xml]

It also outlines how to write and execute a sample test case.

That is all what you need to start playing with jPBM in your favorite IDE(A)! More on this is comming soon! Stay tunned!