Reficio™ - Reestablish your software!


Reficio aims at making the developers’ world a bit better. Throughout the years of my professional experience, I have been using software published under free licenses on a daily basis and at some point I decided to also try something from my side; not just take but contribute and enrich. This is how my own tiny open-source initiative came to life. Today, I’m active on many fronts: I develop my own projects, contribute to existing initiatives, submit patches and… have a lot of fun. Most of the stuff that I do is licensed under the Apache Software License v2.

The fundamental principle that I follow is to develop rock-solid and well-crafted software with a minimalistic code base and extensive test coverage. Clean Code, Effective Java and Pragmatic Programmer are the patterns here. So, do not expect long and verbose blog entries, with “hello-worlds” and showing-off. I will let the code speak for itself; in the end one code strip says more than a thousand words.